Founded in 2017, PT Wahana Esa Langgeng Lestari is a distribution company through reseller distribution system. With the brand “VeryWell and FeelWell”, the company is committed to provide a means for Indonesian families to run small businesses. We support our resellers by providing products that are safe and have high quality. We want users to have trust and experience satisfaction in using our products.

Our company has several stock points and resellers in several major cities in Indonesia. We have confidence that there will be more growth and development in the near future.

“VeryWell” is our brand for kitchenware products that are made of plastic and silicones. With its high quality and reasonable pricing, we believe that our products are attractive for end users.

Moreover, “FeelWell” is our brand for personal care products. Currently into the market are our sanitary pads for women, which consist of Day pads, Night pads, and panty liners with nano technology strips. We want users to have confidence in using our products, as it is very safe and comfortable to use.


Our Company vision is to be the leading and professional retail company.

  1. Improve the financial well-being of our resellers / distributors
  2. Improve on the quality of personality and competence
  3. Provide quality products at affordable prices
  4. Always innovative and dynamic
  5. Provide added value and positive contributions to the community

Our Company Value is “TERBAIK” which means “THE BEST”

T = Terpercaya: Bisa diandalkan
E = Empati: Mempunya keperdulian terhadap sesama
R = Responsif: Cepat dan tanggap dalam segala situasi
B = Bersyukur: Selalu berterima kasih dalam segala hal
A = Antusias: Bergairah dan bersemangat
I = Integritas: Konsisten berperilaku jujur dan beretika
K = Kebersamaan: Menciptakan rasa kekeluargaan

Company Information